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6 ideas that would improve my experience of the game

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-Being able to package marbles (they would have the same package logo as the recreational sphere)

-Being able to craft fireworks of different colors using explosive powder and a resource of that color. The explosion would also change. Examples include:
Explosive powder + organic = green firework, circle(s) explosion
Explosive powder + hydrazine = purple firework, swirl explosion
Explosive powder + resin + yellow firework, star explosion
Explosive powder + argon = blue firework, astroneer logo explosion
(yes, I know colored fireworks were supposed to be limited but i think it would work well with creative mode)

-T1 storages that fit only 2 - 3 items (useful for decoration or storing an odd number of items)

-Signs, which have 2 customizable images. You can choose to have any logo (resources, planets, storages, power modules, tethers, stations, etc) and arrows pointing in the cardinal directions. If only one image is in use (like if you just wanted an arrow), it will take up the entire sign.

-The ability to turn off that little 'ding' noise when you select what gateway chamber you want to go to from the Odd Stone

-More landing spots on Glacio and Atrox!

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+1 for marble packaging 

I had same idea about fireworks but the color will be changed by using the basic firework to craft next color which can be used to craft next one by circle

(or at least dye fireworks by gases, there is 6 or 7 types of gas which are infinite and will require just extra energy to color the fireworks)

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Printing colored fireworks is something I want, but that also seems problematic.  Fireworks are a tier 1 item printed in the backpack and require only 1 resource.  The explosive powder makes prefect sense for that recipe.  My suggestion in the past has been that the crafting color is planet based, and we can reuse the same planet/color combinations that we saw in the Lunar Update.  So all fireworks printed while on Sylva are Red, Desolo - Orange, Calidor - Yellow, Vesania - Green, Novus - Teal, Glacio - Blue, Atrox - Purple.  This has the added benefit of encouraging players to visit other planets.  I guess the default blue tip with the redish-orange burst version that we have now could be on the Satellite.  

I am also on board with iconography on beacons.  Resource icons, machine icons, and arrows all sound great but scrolling though a seemingly endless list of icons/items is already becoming an issue in the printers.  Maybe if we could open a backpack-catalog-style menu on the beacons and select the thing we want, that could be more reasonable.  

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