Around Vesania in 30 minutes

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The introduction of the Paver has been a thrilling new development in Astroneer. Created a main base on Vesania as it is one of the hardest planets to do so. The terrain is hard to transverse with large pits and many giant plants. The giant red ball shaped objects don't make it any easier. Finally created a large rover, a RTG, Strength 1 drill, paver, rover seat and four Medium Canisters. Then I decided to take a trip completely around the planet.  Saw sights I had never seen before. The planet changes are very drastic. Very different from where I have ever landed. The paver tool keeps me from falling into the pits too. It only took me a less than a half hour to create this road and I could see the beacons of my base again welcoming me home.



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Did you see the biome with the weird terrain, the Research Sample makers that look like pieces of sugarcane, and the pink/purple landscape? It's my favorite biome across the entire game.

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