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A list of ideas

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I have a few suggestions for Astroneer that I've thought of while playing but first I'd like to say that I absolutely love this game!  I originally purchased it when it was on Xbox Game Preview but didn't have much time to play it then.  I rediscovered it recently and have become completely obsessed with it, accumulating roughly 5 days of play time in the last 2 1/2 weeks (I have no life), and even with all this time invested I feel I've barely made a dent in what the Astroneer solar system has to offer.  Few games of late have captured my attention and imagination like Astroneer has and it is undoubtedly one of the best games I have played in the past decade!  Having said that, here are a few things I'd like to see added.  I apologize if any of these have been suggested before (I searched all of them using a few generic keywords related to the suggestion but didn't see anything related), but I'm sure (I hope) at least a few are new ideas, and any reposted ideas should be taken as a positive vote to have the feature implemented.  Also, as mentioned before, I play on Xbox One so any references to specific controls are made using the corresponding button on an Xbox controller.  Also worth noting, I use the term "orbs" to refer to all planets and moons collectively.

-Add a T1 slot above the T2 slot on the crane to attach a floodlight or work light (or really any T1 item)

-Longer telescoping crane arm; currently I feel that using the crane and drill is only slightly better than the terraforming tool itself because they both have the same range, but the terraforming tool is fully mobile where the crane needs to be mounted, while the crane can send collected materials directly to storage attached to the same rover/platform.

-The ability to use terraforming mods with the crane and drill, but without the drill attached they would have no function.

-Use the same circular display that the terraforming tool uses when using the crane and drill (including indicating nearby materials).

-A terraforming mod that smooths the terrain, averaging the height within its radius and reducing jagged edges instead of flattening everything.  It would have a larger area of effect than the wide mod but require more power to use.  Alternatively (or perhaps additionally), a terraforming mod that has three functions (similar to raise, lower, and flatten of the unmodded terrain tool); the first two functions are used to select two different points of terrain and the third function builds a ramp at an angle that would bridge the two heights.  Putting away the terrain tool clears the heights selected by the first two functions.

-Better exiting system for large rovers; currently you are ejected to the right side of the rover 2 or 3 meters from the rover itself, and anytime I exit in the vicinity of a canyon it feels like it tries to intentionally eject me into it.

-A switch in the backpack to toggle the suit light.

-T2 storage for T1 items that displays them at a 45° angle, similar to the extra large platform b, but about the size of the Medium Storage.

-Upgradeable backpack storage, suit battery, and suit oxygen tank.

-Single button press to activate the drill cursor instead of having to hold LT.

-Ability to craft seeds using organic which when planted will populate the area in a limited radius with flora native to whatever orb you've planted them on, as well as being able to craft "tree" seeds using organic and resin that will grow into a single "tree" like plant native to that particular orb.

-Ability to trade materials for scrap.

-A fourth camera option when in vehicles that pulls back even further, useful for driving a rover towing Large Storage Silo B with Medium Storage Silos attached.

-Alphabetize items in Printers, Chemistry Labs, Backpack, Atmospheric Condenser, Research Catalog (it seems arbitrary and can make items difficult to find).

-Additional Beacon options like letters and symbols.  Perhaps use a different interface for setting Beacon options; activating it opens a menu where you can pick the fill color, the character color, and the character itself like a letter or number or just an arrow using one of the cardinal (N,S,E,W) or intercardinal (NE,SE,SW,NW) directions.  Also add the extended options to Shelters, Landing Pads, and anything else that produces it own beacon.

-Remove automated landing zones!  Some sort of mechanic (maybe while in orbit) to remove landing zones that are automatically designated by the game.  A lot of times I'll set up base right on top of that zone but add my own platform and it can make it difficult to select the right bubble.  Or with the suggestion directly above, the bubble created by a Landing Pad is the same color as its beacon.

-A map!  It can be easy to get lost when first starting out so the ability to have a map that reveals itself by exploring (similar to Minecraft maps), or the ability to view the entire planet using a map tool and by launching global positioning satellites.

-Beacon icons should show through clouds.  I've set up Beacons at high points near bases but they become occluded by clouds which makes them useless.

-Fix for using multiple Smelters on the same platform; if I put two Smelters on an Extra Large Platform C and then put a storage item with four smeltable materials all four will go to one smelter instead of splitting evenly between the two.

-More efficient floodlights; the current ones are barely brighter than the suit light and have a narrower beam.  I'm mainly interested in seeing their range extended.

-Empty Trade Rockets autofill with scrap from storage units on the same platform.  I'd also like to see the ability to take all of the items from a returning rocket at once and add them to the backpack or a storage unit on the same platform.

-Resupply rockets that can be loaded with goodies to send to other orbs without having to travel with them and will land at designated resupply pads, and/or teleportation platforms that will send materials and T1 items/crates to teleportation platforms on other orbs.

-Ability to change the color of Shelters, Rovers, and Shuttles.

-Ability to construct space stations and launch parts individually to be assembled in orbit, or printed and assembled in orbit.

-Different orbital inclinations for the various planets, as well as elliptical orbits.

-Different gravity for each orb depending on its mass and your proximity to its core.  Higher gravity orbs cause you to move slower when carrying large items.

-Print lower tier items at higher tier printers at increased speed.  For example, printing a Tractor (T2) at a Medium Printer would complete 33% faster, and 66% faster at a Large Printer and have the same material and power cost

-Use multiple printers on the same platform to print the same single item in less time.  This would probably only be useful with Large Printers and T4 items, but placing two on a single platform would allow both to work on the same item at the same time to print it in half the time.  The printers would use the same amount of power combined that one printer would use printing the same item on its own.

-Different colors for the work light and floodlight.

-(Potential spoilers for existing features, sorry I don't know how to use spoiler tags here) As a long term goal, perhaps the ability to travel to other star systems to collect new materials and discover new secrets, as well as additional Gateway Engines but the only way to fast travel between star systems would be to activate the engine of each orb and place its corresponding Geometric Triptych on the central satellite which would then connect that system to a galactic network.

-A scanner to find derelict space stations/satellites and scavenge any remaining goodies as well as being able to drop the satellite/station out of orbit and onto its parent orb which would allow you to collect debris at the crash site.  There would need to be a way to plot its decent to ensure it doesn't crash into your base or a Gateway Chamber.

-Hydrogen based power facilities (perhaps a T4 or T5 item, if T5 is ever added [how would we carry it!?]).

-More details about specific orbs on the "planets" screen of the menu like how long the day/night cycle is and the rate of gravitational acceleration at the level of the platform of the Gateway Chambers (assuming all of them are equidistant from the core).  Or maybe something simpler that says "low" or "very high" like for wind and solar (assuming the gravity suggestion is implemented).

-Wireless power!  I'd imagine this would be a very late game item that allows you to wirelessly transfer power from one location to another requiring only line-of-sight.

-T1 Signs/labels that can be attached to T1 slots like on Tall Platforms, Tall Storage, and Extra Large Arch Platforms (I'm imagining street signs and other identifying labels), and T2 signs that can be placed on T2 slots and are about as tall as a Tall Platform.  Signs could be printed text, neon, or holographic and have customizable text (with a character limit) and colors, and could be rotated to display vertically or horizontally.

-Trade excess research for supplies.  Perhaps an EXO Dynamics platform where you can trade research for materials that are delivered by an automated rocket, which then leaves after being emptied.

-A terrain tool mod that would launch dynamite and less powerful explosives from the backpack or the T1 slots on the terrain tool to deform terrain from a distance, as well as being used against aggressive flora like the spitters (Attactus), farters (Hissbine), and artillery (Cataplant).  When using, instead of just showing the normal area of effect of the terrain tool it will show an arc to indicate how the projectile will travel and where it will land (and perhaps the area it will affect when it detonates).

-Helium or hydrogen powered dirigibles.

-Modular shelters created by printing and assembling various parts (living quarters, rec room, garage, etc).

-Level system where experience is earned by destroying hostile flora, gathering materials, and accumulating research points and can be redeemed to extend how long the Astroneer can hold their breath when their oxygen tank is empty, how quickly the can move when holding or levitating large items, reducing fall damage, increasing health, and other personal upgrades.

-Air Dome T4 item (or perhaps T5 if that ever becomes a thing) that can create an air bubble over a considerable area allowing the Astroneer to breathe without needing to use suit oxygen and also allowing flora to propagate.  Would require a significant amount of constant power.

-Emergency generators that turn on only when all of the batteries on the same platform run dry.

-Lights that turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise (perhaps a special platform that enables this).  Basically its activation/deactivation requirements are inverse to that of a solar panel.  Also they'd have the ability to invert their operation and turn on at sunrise and off at sunset.

-Mazes (and other puzzles) located under the surface of orbs with walls that can't be reduced with the terrain tool and have valuable materials at the center (T1 research, helium, maybe even compound materials like diamond, alloys, and steel).

-Rock Crusher T2 attachment for the front of rovers.  It doesn't deform the terrain but will destroy any rocks, stalagmites, stalactites (in areas with low ceilings), and obstructive flora you drive into.  Maybe also destroys T1 research pods and T2 research items, and debris but not EXO Dynamics Research Aids, crashed satellites, or regular items/structures, so you don't accidentally destroy your base trying to pull up extra close.

-Automated trams that can travel on a fixed path between bases on the same orb to transport T1 and T2 items.  Requires power to operate, running out of power will cause the tram to stop where it is and need to be reactivated manually (or it just continues when power is restored).  Can also have a seat attached to for automated player transport (sort of a step above rovers but before fast traveling).

-T2 tunneling drill head for attaching to the front of rovers, it functions the same as a T2 Drill but creates a higher and wider passage for larger vehicles.

-Ability to transfer between rover seats and a Crane on the same rover so you don't accidentally fall into the pit you just dug when exiting the Crane.

-Emergency activation for Solid Fuel and Hydrazine Jump Jets that cause them to fire when the player is falling fast enough to kill them or bring them very near death; the Jump Jet fires to reduce fall speed and damage.  Perhaps would need to be manually switched on work, and the Jump Jet would of course need to be in one of the two widget slots.

-Super Narrow Mod for the Terrain Tool, useful for painting thin lines in conjunction with filled Terrain Analyzers and Inhibitor mods.

-Super super late game item: Dyson sphere!


Okay wow, so I started this thread without about ten ideas written down and then they just kept coming as I typed.  Sorry for the super long list but I love this game and want to see it continue to grow and improve and having the opportunity to contribute to that is really cool.

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I wanted to add this as an edit to the original post but I guess there's a time limit for doing that, so I apologize for the double post but it's really not my fault.

After checking other threads and seeing other peoples ideas I feel like mine are sort of half-baked.  That is to say, a lot of suggestions by other members are well thought out including research costs and material costs.  I'll continue to develop and refine my ideas and come up with costs for applicable items as I play and plan, but in the meantime I'm sure that what I've posted gives a decent idea of what I have envisioned.

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All drills and paver already have function to destroy foliage and rocks (unfortunatly research of all sorts too gets annihilated and it also destroys aggressive plants without loot)

+1 for crane floodlight slot

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11 minutes ago, tolyabi228 said:

All drills and paver already have function to destroy foliage and rocks (unfortunatly research of all sorts too gets annihilated and it also destroys aggressive plants without loot)

Yeah but my suggestion is for one that doesn't alter the terrain while in use.

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I like the idea of a Dyson Sphere, especially as that would essentially make it permanight, and solar panels are no longer viable. Only problem I can think of it is how would you send the power? Would you use the same wireless energy idea you had previously? If so, you'd only have power for half the time, when day used to be. How would you build the Dyson sphere? Would you assemble parts in space, or the unidentified satellite, then move them? How would you configure the DS, there's currently no way to land on the sun, you could add a landing area for the Dyson sphere. Just food for thought! Love the ideas, keep them coming!

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