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Okay I absolutely can’t describe to you how much I love this game.  I met my best friend in it and I will forever be thankful for that and what you do devs.  I would stay up all night and would wake up early in the morning excited to embark on a new adventure.  Keyword used to.  The OG’s like myself remember back in the day when there was solars made from compound and resin was purple.  Imma be honest system era this is the best game I’ve ever played, but with the new development of the hilly terrain and Forrests it’s become bland.  I miss the old Astroneer that was simple but yet complex.  Is there any way that a mode could be released where we could play the old version. And thank you for reading this, I absolutely love you guys(devs). PS- I tried to start a new world today but I just didn’t get the same feeling that I used to \____(•——• )___/

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