Two terrain tool mods to be added to (flatten) ctrl key use


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So many times I am trying to make a smooth road that connects to a slope and since the angle and slope of roads are not always aligned it takes forever and causes a lot of frustrating going back over and over.

Also when trying to make square corners on interior or exterior walls it is almost impossible.


Option One - two new tools:

1.  When holding down the control to flatten, add a mod to the tool that only adds and will not take away.    Currently, if I have a wall and floor that I want to connect, if I flatten the floor to the edge of the wall it starts digging into the wall.  An add dirt only would fix this.  This would work for joining 2 walls a ceiling, etc...

2.  When holding down the control to flatten, add a mod  tool that only takes away and will not add.    if i am trying to make outside corners or slopes connect this would prevent the edge from protruding over the existing slope or wall.  

Option Two - one new tool

Make one tool that is a Flatten tool. 

Standard mode would be a remove and no add flatten (this would flatten bumps and work as 2 above).

Alt mode would be an add and no remove flatten  (this would remove holes or divots and act as 1 above).

And the control key would work as it does now.


I actually like the option 2 the more I think about it.  With one tool on the gun (no switching)  I can make new flat surfaces, and all the flat surfaces connect nicely.


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I can agree with all your point and yes it is very frustrating to create walls with corners, I would love to have these tools too.

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