Wayne Holt-Golding

Groundwork update crashing Xbox one constantly

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I am experiencing constant crashing on XB1 after the latest Groundwork update. When using a large rover with a drill and paver combo, hardly any mining progress can be made (on any planet) before the game freezes then crashes going back to the Xbox home panel.

Presume updates are tested prior to release (I know you won’t catch every bug) but this bug is destroying my enjoyment and I hope that you can look into this and patch it asap.

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I am having the same issue.  I am stuck in the middle of Vesania and can't do a thing to get out of it. Using the drill paver combo as the OP. I got down there fine but started my way back up and freeze and crash to home screen. Sometimes just a black screen and back to home. I am hoping that this gets addressed with the creative update on the 15th.  The paver is a great tool but what is the point if it breaks the game.

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