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Aight, 2nd post out of 4!
So, in our last episode, I talked about Backpack Upgrades! See the bottom for the link. This time, Character Upgrades!
So, I've had a few ideas: Speed, Jump, Health, and Neg Voider. They're like your drill augments, but for your player!
Speed: 2KB, 1 Plastic. 1.5x the speed of default, but .67x Jump Boost and Health (Move faster, jump lower, less health)
Jump Boost: Same cost as Speed, 1.5x Jump Boost, .67x Speed and Health(Jump higher, move slower, less health)
Health: Same cost as Speed/Jump Boost, 1.5x Health, .67x Speed and Jump Boost(More health, move slower, jump lower)
Now, for those of you who are good at math, you'll realize that, if you have all 3 of these active, you'll end up having .67x Speed, Jump Boost, and Health. This is where the Neg Voider comes into play.

Neg Voider: 2.5KB, 1 Aluminum Alloy: Cancels all negative effects from Character Augments!

Vilynn out! Peace!


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I've always linked these types of things to equipment. In this case shoes. I think we should have footwear options!
A jump higher/further shoe
A health shoe
A faster shoe
You get the picture
Where I differ from you is in the negatives. I would not penalize one area if I'm gifting to another. I'm not looking for some form of balance. Just give me the benefits without any of the pitfalls

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This is where the Neg Voider comes into play, to cancel out the negative effects of the other Character Augments, but I do feel as though some balance is needed

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I also tend to make complex suggestions, but in my opinion this is to complicated...


The main points for me are:

Give the player an option for a speed boost.

Give the player an option for a jump boost.


My suggestion to this would be to have small modules that can be put on your backpack and give a slight boost consuming power.

If you really want to have a big boost you have the option to attach a hydrazine canister and put it on one of your upper slots to swap it on/off via trigger.


Kind of had the same variant in conjunction with an exo suit...


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i do like your idea and i like that you take balancing into consideration.

however, i have to agree a little with @The Touch of Grey Gamer in that the balancing factors you chose would not be generally well perceived. Particularly slowing people down or reducing jump height below what everyone is used to will not go well with most. that gives a weird sluggish feeling - unless you really want to give people impression of being heavy, like in a combat game to signify a massive armor gain (the slow down comes with the impression of huge tanking capacity and if the games make you feel that armor boost then the slowdown actually amplifies that powerful impression and so it feels just right). but here in Astroneer i don't see that work - it would just feel artificial. in general the concept for the neg voider seems artificial i would recommend scrapping it. however - if you turn it around and rebrand it a little - by assuming the stock state to be already 'slowed' then the "neg voider" simply becomes just a boost consumable. by its function many game would call it a stim. that's a straight forward concept most are familiar with and will probably like.  

next, there is the Jump boost: hmm, not a good idea simply because there is the jetpack that already takes this role and is significantly better at it.

hmm, i would suggest to combine speed & jump boost suits into one mobility upgrade suit. balancing it with becoming more squishy (increased fall damage) would be adequate. optionally one could make the speed boost apply only when sprinting and balance it by a power consumption. same for jumping. basically a powered mobility suit. power consumption should be significant enough for players to notice though. should also be accompanied by a new effect to signify the boost and power consumption.

health boost: yeah that one would be nice. particularly it should have a fall damage reduction. again, i would not lower speed or jumping. maybe as a late game item it does not need to be balanced against the stock suit and can therefore be a plain upgrade. instead there is another balancing here: if you chose to use it you cannot have the advantages of the mobility suit at the same time. 

There are also other stats to consider for possible suits: item carry speeds (i.e. the slow down factors when holding medium, large or extra large objects), the total power and oxygen capacity and perhaps even an integrated storage for soil and hydrazine for a flight suit of a different kind.

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