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Aight, 2nd post out of 4!
So, in our last episode, I talked about Backpack Upgrades! See the bottom for the link. This time, Character Upgrades!
So, I've had a few ideas: Speed, Jump, Health, and Neg Voider. They're like your drill augments, but for your player!
Speed: 2KB, 1 Plastic. 1.5x the speed of default, but .67x Jump Boost and Health (Move faster, jump lower, less health)
Jump Boost: Same cost as Speed, 1.5x Jump Boost, .67x Speed and Health(Jump higher, move slower, less health)
Health: Same cost as Speed/Jump Boost, 1.5x Health, .67x Speed and Jump Boost(More health, move slower, jump lower)
Now, for those of you who are good at math, you'll realize that, if you have all 3 of these active, you'll end up having .67x Speed, Jump Boost, and Health. This is where the Neg Voider comes into play.

Neg Voider: 2.5KB, 1 Aluminum Alloy: Cancels all negative effects from Character Augments!


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