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It would be great to have the possibility to modify the functionality of a gateway based on the mod attached to it. Here's some ideas:

  • Teleport object instead of player (only for surface Nodes) (inspired by u/Dragongamer2280 😞 the mod should cost a lot of bytes (something near to the end game stuff like the portable oxygenator) and use some very rare material like the astronium. There could be different tiers to either increase the amount of objects transportable, for example tier 1 can only transport small items, tier 2 medium and large items, tier 3 extra large items, or can increase the range of teleportation, for example tier 1 from surface nodes to the core node, tier 2 from any node to the satellite, tier 3 to any other tier 3 node.

  • Resource finder (only for surface Nodes) : if any player enters the modded gateway, instead of being able to teleport, the player can select a resource on the planet and find the nearest resource field. Again this can come with different tiers: tier 1 short range (for example 10% of the planet surface with a circle area centered on the gateway) , tier 2 the area is the entire surface, tier 3 the entire planet (from the core to the surface)

  • Power Generator (only for Surface nodes) : the modded gateway becomes a power node and instead of being able to teleport to/from it, the node produces a certain amount of energy (based on the difficulty of the planet and its size) that can be transmitted to any point on the surface of that planet. To use the energy produced, the player has to research and create a sort of radar to acquire the power.

  • (Fun mod) Self destruction (only for core nodes): this mod will enable the self destruction of the planet and will leave only the core node and the pillars coming from it. As building material i would use the exploding powder that is mixed inside the chemical lab with the cube obtained from the planet that you want to destruct. This could be like an alternative scenario to complete the game where you don't have to activate all the planets, but you have to destroy all of them because they are infected with some kind of virus and you have to protect the galaxy from the spreading infection (for example Atrox could be the cause of the infection that is spreading to the other planets).

  • Atmospheric Enhancer (only for surface Nodes): This mod will increase the quantity of gas present in the atmosphere thus increasing the amount of gas gathered by the atmospheric condenser. This could be quite usefull on atrox ofc. When the mod is attached the player cannot teleport to the gateway. Since this mod could be too powerful, it could be active only for a short amount of time (like only during daylight or nightime or making it as a consumable)

  • Reshape Planet (only for core nodes): this mod will reset the planet (destroying your base if present) and rerolls all the resources, debris, capsules and so on, just like a hard reset and cannot be used on sylva, since your first base is there. When the player activates this mod, it will be sent to the sylva base.

I think that the gateways should be used more during a playthrough of astroneer, in fact after they are activated, they are pretty much ignored. Also players tend to ignore all the surface nodes and just activate one surface node and the core, thus ignoring all the rest.

if you come up with some other ideas feel free to comment down below

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