RC Car/Robot (UPDATED)


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This is just a more complete version of the RC car/robot idea I came up with.


Automation (Optional):

- Drone flies into air for finding target path.

- Automatically paves bridges or digs tunnels.

- Chooses easiest path, aka path with least rocks/trees/etc.



- Seat in station for pilot car.

- Same as a regular buggy, but smaller and with paver or drill if added.



- Almost like 1/2 seat 1/2 storage.

- Contains room for RC.

-Beacon for finding with drone for RC.



- 3 slots on top for power.

- 2 slots for storage.

- New "Micro Package" that is a 3 x 3 storage that folds up into a package.

-2 slots on front for digging and paving.



- Same colors as player has unlocked.

- Other random color sets for only RC.

- Designs based off of astronaut designs. (Something that looks like the main body build.)

- Other random designs (Could include buggy/tractor)



- Simply make track for conveyor.

- Items drop off like a machine like a furnace would onto storage.

- Each piece holds 1 item/1 slot per.

- Attaches to station and platforms via cables, or conveyor can act AS a cable.

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Did you play surviving mars, cuz many of your item names match with those in surviving mars...
Anyway I like your ideas, +1
Also welcome to the forums, we hope you will keep posting here frequently :) 

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