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One Last Midnight still in the dark ages

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Just watched one of One Last Midnight's videos on an alternate start on Novus. At first I thought it was going to be one of their exciting challenges, but it turned out to be just another game. I mean I thought that players went to Novus with nothing and built up without leaving the planet. But the three joining guests spent time to get zinc and copper. Why didn't they just go to all the other planets first and show up to Novus with three large shuttles filled with 600 resources each?

Then "Midnight" said that they didn't want to live in the dark ages. To get the power up first. I agreed with this, but then he wasted 2,000 bytes for medium wind turbines instead of smalls. Then they placed them where they would get the least amount of wind. Using small wind turbine would have cost less bytes to unlock, used half the resources per unit and provided them with 4 times the amount of power using the same platform space. Couldn't believe that after a year of playing Astroneer they were still doing this. And the base was the same obsolete design we all did a thousand hours ago.

I've watched and enjoyed dozens of his videos. The Jet Pack video was well done and pretty amazing how he measured everything. 

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