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It would be beneficial to have simple signs marking a direction , left, right , straight and so on. They could be simple using arrows to denote a direction. 

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That would be a really nice addition to the game!

Give us a limited choice of standard traffic signs and also give them a slight glowing or reflective effect...

As for cost I should suggest 1 compound for a stack of 4 :D

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13 minutes ago, Blind Io said:

You have a terrain tool... Tethers, beacons.. Options... 

They won't force you to use them ;)

But it would be nice fluff wise to build some kind of road network with proper signs...

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1 hour ago, TMarcher74 said:

Maybe a holographic sign would fit perfectly to the game style.


It could fit right in with the Holographic Figurine!

...or maybe a Medium Holographic Figurine...

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