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Hey all me and my friend have started a save on Xbox One, some parts are really smooth, the fps/lag is really bad when the world is loading up, example: when one of us is driving and the other is at base or elsewhere another planet or heading off its really unplayable, we have put too many hours in to start a new game, we first went abit mental with tethers absoloutely everywhere we are picking them all up to see if this may be the problem & also when we try go to a new/different planet sometimes the game force closes one of us and out Shuttle has stayed in Space orbiting around we can see the marker now and again & it still has our stuff inside it! is there any way to retrieve this? 

Any help or information would be appriciated, are the developers fixing this for Xbox one or is it going to remain like this...

NOTE: connections are fine every game is fine apart from this, it has so much potential but these issues are enough for Xbox player to play it once and never again

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