Trajectory from orbit to planet needs care


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Depending on where I am in a shuttle and where I go, the trajectory sometimes goes through planets. It doesn't look good. 
This, while only an aesthetics issue, needs some care. Or even better, I wouldn't mind plotting my trajectories manually as we did some updates ago when you had to make several jumps to get to the furthest planets.

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On 10/24/2019 at 3:51 AM, The Touch of Grey Gamer said:

While I agree, I must say that I do enjoy a good planet penetration every now and then! 👾👽🤓🙀👯‍♀️

LOL, planetgasm?
But if we take the game seriously, any new player would be surprised seeing the shuttle go through planets. I don't think that will make a good impression on the game.

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