Auto packable Field Shelter, more expensive research and build cost

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As I experienced it myself and many other from what I see in the forums, the Field Shelter serves very little purpose. Other than a constant but meager 0.5 power generation, a simple buggy or tractor offers the same benefits of transmiting power and generating free oxygen plus a save point, with the downside of not being mobile like a vehicle. Carrying a packed T2x2 platform, the player has a more versatile option for the same space of a T1 slot, power generation is almost always also brought in by the player in the vehicle used for exploring.

The only real benefit of it could be when used in caves, deploying several of them when exploring and having both a way to save and recharge oxygen and power, but ONLY when the player is not packing any means of oxygen and power generation wich, again, is not common. The player would have to come back and forth each time to recharge, UNLESS we can pack it again for FREE.

If it would have that option (higher power throughtput perhaps), and being a little more expensive (plus area ilumintaion if it doesn't have it already), then it could be considered a very useful item.

BTW, this portable shelter even as it is now, made almost obsolete the standard shelter due to size restrictions

TLDR: make the shelter be autopackable, more power and have light compensating with a higher cost

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i do like that some people actually think of some proper balance changes. just for the record, you missed that tethers don't connect to vehicles so that is also a minor benefit for the shelter which still does not balance its cost and other disadvantages. 

however, alternatively one could take a look closer at the vehicles and the oxygenerator. in an actual survival mode the vehicle should not provide free oxygen without the proper equipment! that robs the oxygenerator of a meaningful purpose. it would be at least fun it this could be switched off for people that do not want to play creative mode. vehicles should instead merely have an interior oxygen tank instead (note: that these are clearly visible in their models) that works the very same as their battery for power (they don't produce energy, they merely can store it).

hmm, that said, when creative mode will be split from survival what will happen to our current saves games? as it is it would make most sense to put them under creative creative mode as this is how the game currently feels like and is balanced towards. i don't think most players will mind having some additional tools at their disposal. on the other hand this would free up survival mode for some fundamental balancing changes to make it more interesting. removing free vehicle oxygen would be one of them. i could also imagine drill mods for the terrain tool being changed or even removed as they are are really something between a creative tool and a developer cheat item (ignore terrain cheat).

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hello all :)

@EstebanLB01 just yesterday me and my family discussed how useless field shelter is as it is now and how we should make a post about it :D, so...

very +1!

I thought... even if to make it work like a landing pad would actually make it more field shelter. But ideally ofc would be an option to collapse it into something fitting on the vehicle.

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