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Platform: Xbox

Problem: Found all of the probes and attached a scanner to each, they all did the little ripple in space-time thing, but for some reason Sylva and Atrox palettes remain locked, and thus the achievement and suit for scanning all of the probes have also remained locked.

Background: Doubtful this has any relevance to the problem but maybe it helps. I went for Sylva probe first, then Atrox was either second or third. Either way, this all occurred a few days ago now, and I have rebooted the game numerous times but the problem still persists. Furthermore, I tried using the probe scanner to relocate and maybe reattach it to the probes on Sylva and Atrox, but the scanner just acts as if there are no probes to be found, so that's a dead end for me too. Also I had not finished the core story with the gateways at the time of finding all of the probes.

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I'm seeing the same issue. Only it's just one planet, and based on the color of the suit missing (Wanderer Orange) the probe on Calidor was found and the scanner was inserted, but I was not rewarded with the suit and thus, can't get the final reward for the set. Like you, when I visit Calidor with a new scanner, the scanner does not indicate that there are any probes left (because i already found it and triggered it). Hoping that SystemEra can fix this, I've experienced similar bugs with other achievements but, I still love the game VERY much!!

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