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Visual and camera settings

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This game is very beautiful and I love it already! However, I seem to find myself lagging when I launch into the game. Only about two frames per second on a beasty computer. There should be some graphic/detail settings that can be changed in the options menu. This is mainly because, well, more frames means better game play(somewhat). There are people out there that could have bought this game and might only be getting 20 frames a second, or even less. With less frames, the game can become less interesting. Not everyone out there has a nice computer, and this is why there should be graphic/detail settings. Now, the camera behavior in my opinion could be better. I get that the camera hovers and follows you around, but there should be different settings for POV, FOV, etc. I personally don't enjoy the third person view a lot, and I'm sure many can agree with me. Sometimes first person view is so much more enjoyable. I also wish that the camera would stay directly behind you at all times and not have to take a few seconds to get from the side of me to the back.

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