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Some resources are not given a lot of use in the game and some are given a lot

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  • Hydrazine - It is given too much use, used in thrusters, making graphene, used in jetpacks. They should not be used in making graphene as it makes no sense, and is best used as a fuel, also since ammonium is a little hard to find and the soil centrifuge does not offer a fair trade with 2 canisters of soil.
  • Zinc - It is found on almost every planet and in very large quantities but it is used in making the augmented tools and the medium battery that's all, I find sphalerite almost everywhere in the caves of Sylva and some other planets too.
  • Diamond - It is only used in making level 3 drills for  both rovers and terrain tool. Given its lustrous and non-breakable property it is not used a lot.
  • Astronium - Literally has no use, ever since they reduced the byte rate ,it has become even more useless.

What are your thoughts on these usability of these resources, do you have anything else on your mind? Comment down:)

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