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Three ideas for improving Navigation. (Compass Beacon, Spider Walker, Tank Controls)

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1. (Tweak) Beacons appear as colored arrows on compass, It would help players not get lost when they end up turned around and have to circle around the planet until they stumble onto something familiar.
-Beacons can only be seen from so far, and even with my moderate navigation skills, I still get lost just because for some reason, the art style makes everything look the same.
-If they appear on your compass, finding the way back home or to where you want to be is much more straight forward.

2. (Addition) Mid-Late game/Tier 4 Rover with "All Terrain" Spider legs for easy maneuvering on particularly difficult terrains for wheels and carts.
-Ive seen suggested before but Im really fond of the idea and want to show support for it. It seems like it would be a Step in the right direction for humanity. Forget flying cars, Walkers are the transportation of the future! Nothing better than being able to crawl up the side of a mountain(reasonable steepness) with your very own mobile base.
-I would imagine it would need to be made of a NanoCarbon Alloy, Silicone, and Steel have roughly the space of an Extra Large Platform C (2 Tier3+1 Tier 4 Slots) sense it'd be a direct upgrade from a Large Rover (1 Tier4 slot). Expensive, but oh so worth it.

3. (Change) Tank controls for rovers in order to rotate on the spot instead of needing to do a three point turn.
-It would've saved me many instances of falling into holes I was hanging over if I were able to rotate on the spot, but alas, I end up completely Tanked.

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Welcome to the forum @That GuyCome back and post often won't ya?

Here are some things I have done to help me navigate 
On the surface I will use beacons like most. I will also build up a platform, the footprint of my astroneer, and place soil about 50 feet up? then place the beacon on top of that so it is easier to see from further distances
I will also carve arrows into the ground, walls, caves etc. to point me in the proper direction 
I will also drop resources (mainly compound, resin and organics as they are so plentiful) as quasi mile markers so I know I'm at least on a pre traveled path
By using the inhibitor mod I will carve paths through forests and places with a lot of ground cover to mark my paths
I print a lot of beacons, a lot. But, I also pick them all up as well to minimize lag

Also, you can with the jetpack(s), lift and carry any shuttle. So what you can do is put a dozen or so fuel canisters onto a shuttle, a RTG, an Oxygenator, and then the usual suspects; air tanks, spare jetpack(s), beacons, drill mods, whatever you want to travel with that fits onto a shuttle or one of the storages. Then just lift and separate.... (for us old folks)....lift the shuttle, press the spacebar and fly, fly and fly some more! You can never get lost, ever, as you would just well, you just get into the shuttle, press V to launch and walla!

Flying with one jetpack is slow but saves fuel and can lift any shuttle
Flying with two jetpacks is faster but uses more fuel and also can lift any size shuttle
You may want to consider bringing air tank(s) because despite having an oxygenator in the shuttle, your astroneer will not be getting any oxygen whilst you are flying. Or you can just land and air up!
So pre jetpack playing days, yeah getting lost was a thing. However, with the ability to carry a shuttle, it is now IMPOSSIBLE to get lost. Impossible. There is not a single scenario where one can get lost. 

TBH, I hardly use tethers any longer. I just lift and fly to where I want to be
TBHH, this game is so much more joyful flying than walking/running. So much more! A billion times more enjoyable than driving that's fer sure! Now that I can fly and carry what I need I will never use a rover again. Well, I will be laying a road network on each planet once the Groundwork update is released today! (JK, just hoping!) But really, I see no need for me to walk, run or drive ever again!

Up, up and away!!!
Jetpacks are easily the best thing introduced to this game since well getting lost!

Plus, have you tried flying with platforms? YES! I like carrying one with a RTG, a crane, some storage silos, yeah now that's farming baby! 

There's more! 

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