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Save File Won't Load? Any Idea What To Do?

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I Tried To Load Up My Save Earlier & Whenever I Click "Load" It Just Acts As If I Clicked Away From The Box & Deselects The Save, I Think It May Be Corrupted?

My Computer Crashed (Like This) About 5-10 Mins After I Saved & Quit The Game If That Has Anything To Do With It

I'm Quite Worried Because This Is Currently My Main Save (Last Time I Played Was Not Long After The Early Access Released)
I Wouldn't Be As Worried If Creative Mode Was A Thing Lol, I Would Have Just Re Created My Current Base & Items In Creative.

(Save Is Attached If That Helps, Any Advice On Recovering/Fixing Is Greatly Appreciated)


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If the savegame is 0kb, then you're probably out of luck :^( same thing happened to me. only way to really prevent it is by copying backups every now and the while playing.

I hope the problem is something else solvable and things work out! and i'd love a creative mode too, apparently that's coming around november or december!

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same like me, i tried to load my save file several time and the game keep crashing (force close) idk why this happen, it works 1 month ago but now it always force close.. that sucks

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