Medium packager for large objects (same size as unpackaged XL Shredder)

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So I'd like to suggest that a medium packager is added to the game. This would package large otherwise unmovable objects, like the probes from the Wanderer update,  or the Apollo lander, or other objects. It would package the object into a double Tier 3 container, that takes up the entire cargo area of the large shuttle or large rover. Essentially, this storage object would function like the XL Shredder unpacked. This would allow Astroneers to retrieve these objects and move them between planets, or more easily on the same planet (in lieu of using one or more winches). 

The medium packager would be printed with the medium printer, and would resemble the regular packager, but the size of a packaged medium object. You would need either 2 graphite, or perhaps 3 resources to print this. I'd also suggest that to unlock this, it is a higher byte value so that it is available late game, rather than early game.

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if its late game and its used to collect event items and such, then I believe it would use graphene, 3 to be exact, considering you would use this 7 or 8 times per save, its not too expensive for its worth. +1


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