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XBox ending without save and sleep mode problem.

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I encountered two bugs to report.  I'm playing the latest version on the Xbox One.  Sorry, I don't have the version number handy.

1. After seeing the ending credits Astroneer closed and it went to the Xbox main menu.  This doesn't seem right.  Shouldn't it go to the Astroneer main menu?  From the XBox main menu when I clicked to run the game again it went through the normal (slow) loading process and I selected my save game to load.  My save game was from about 30 minutes before the ending credits not right before the ending sequence as I had assumed.  If the game will close after the credits it should at least autosave before the credits!

2. If you let the XBox sit it will go into sleep mode.  After waking from sleep mode, you will be at the XBox main menu.  If you then click on Astroneer it will resume the game from the Astroneer main menu.  The trouble is that the game did not recognize the controller was reconnected.  The game displays the 'reconnect controller' with the blurred out screen even though the controller works.  I have to remove the batteries from the controller and make sure it reconnects while the game is running. 


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