Crossplay on a friend's world but not direct LAN

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I would like to clarify this is an extended but refined version of another problem I had, found here.

The problem that I am having is that I can indirectly crossplay Xbox One- Windows 10 on an Xbox friend's world. This working setup is me (win10), my friend who is elsewhere (xbox) and my friend 3 feet away on the same network (xbox). The nonworking issue method is when me and my friend are playing on the same network in the same home without our xbox friend elsewhere, where a 'Failed to join: Could not find session' message is displayed after waiting about a minute. I am signed out of the Xbox if that helps.

Any help is appreciated!

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Same Problem here with Steam Version.

My Wife is in same Local Network, but it isnt Supported, it always uses Internet Connection, no we have played many hours and the Savefiles get bigger and bigger.

Our Internet Connection ist only 16k, and so the upload isnt enough to Host enough Data in Time for the Client and it looses Connection. That is really Sad. , cause if it will use Local Network these Proböems would not be.

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