Noise and flashing lights when near tractor

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When I go near my tractor in a cave on Glacio to get O2 and to charge, I hear a loud whooshing sound and see flashing lights.  It stops when I disconnect from the tractor.  See the short video. Closing and restarting the game does not fix it, but grabbing a fresh battery and attaching it to my backpack does stop the noise and lights. My portable O2 generator was on (in my backpack) and kept draining my backpack battery, and whenever my backpack got to zero power, the noise and lights started (while near the tractor and trailer). So this is a no backpack power triggered event, with a device on the backpack requesting power.

I'm on the latest Windows 10, Steam install of the game. Wanderers update.

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Yeah, that's not your tractor, that's your oxygenator repeatedly flickering on and off as it can't get enough power to run (your backpack can't refill from the tractor fast enough for the oxygenator wanting to drain it). You've gotta micromanage the oxygenator by putting it on an aux hardpoint and turning it on only when your O2 gets low (and still check in with the tractor for power once in a while).

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A flashing light displayed on a vehicle can only be blue, red, green, magenta/crimson or amber/yellow.
Each of these colours, or combination of colours, is intended to convey a specific warning to road users.
To guard against incorrect use and to avoid possible detraction from the significance of a flashing light,
their use is limited to particular types of vehicles and in particular circumstances. 

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