[Suggestion] - Control Drill Tilt NOT on Mouse Look

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Driving around with a drill is hard. The third-person camera gets forced into unhelpful angles by the ground around you, and being able to see where you're going can become impossible. Falls happen when the floor gives out. You miss a turn. Lining up your planned drill path can be exceedingly hard.

So being able to see where you're going needs to be decoupled from controlling the drill itself. There's already a thread now for first person driving, but this is a one-up on that.

Keep mouse look as mouse look. Remap drill controls to the aux keys and the TerraTool key. Tilt with the former, on/off with the latter.

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Found an additional way this is annoying just now.

If you can't move the camera to look down/up because of terrain, then you can't adjust the tilt of the drill = P

Hmm, as a mild alternative, you could lock drill adjustment to a Modifier key (eg Control, Shift, or Alt) in tandem with mouse look.

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