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Groundwork Update

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Hola Mates!
With the groundwork update due in just a few weeks I was wondering how you were going to lay your road network. 
I was thinking of making a road to tie all the important points on each planet
A road network that connects all Gateway Chambers?
A road network connecting the poles?
A road network along the equator?
What road(s) am I missing?

I hope we can use the Terrain Analyzer to select road (soil) colors! @SES_Adam will this a be thing? Or will all roads be only one color? Or is adding road colors an upgrade to the one color road?  


What network of roads do you intend on constructing?
Will you construct different roads for MP & SP?

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I wanted electrified roads :D this why I wanted better electricity transfer equipment, cos I imagine going with extenders and... it is like cya in the next 500 years? :D

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