[Suggestion] All NETWORKED storage should communicate with all devices

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Right now, the network cables provide power and oxygen which is great. However, what's the point of calling it a network if the devices aren't communicating with all storage? As you can see, I have my printers all to the right and in this image, my Condenser and Chem Lab on the left. Since they are connected to the same network, the printers should be able to pull resources from all connected storage. This would allow people to have more than one network to pull resources from different storage areas. I'm not sure if it's easy on your coding, but it would be a relatively simple way to manage storage and transportation of resources within a base. 

It would also be great to have the ability to designate a storage device to only accept whichever resources you want it to accept. Let's say I have a platform that I'd like to use only for Titanite and Titanium. I can designate that platform/storage unit to request all titanite/titanium and when it senses either one of those in the network, it will pull it.

Thank you. I really hope this is as good of an idea as it sounds.


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I would very much like this, because you can’t fit all 3 printers and a chem lab and a smelting furnace on the XL Platform C and have enough storage. I think a good start would be for a specific platform to be able to receive resources but not be able to send them back.


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4 hours ago, Igoooor said:

It would have some side effects like smelting all organic if you would just connect anything...

I've suggested two different ways of moving small items (pull and push transfer) some time ago...

https://forum.systemera.net/search/?&q="automation idea"&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles

Cue auto-smelt of Hydrogen gas = P

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