Rotate Floodlights 90 degrees on backpack

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At the moment when you attach a floodlight to one of the Widget Slots at the top of the backpack it just points straight up, directing its light upwards. This isn't very useful, so what if when attached this way, the Floodlights rotate 90 degrees to point forwards in the same direction that the Astroneer is facing? This would turn the Floodlight into a back-mounted torchlight, giving it more functionality. A slightly modified idea is to have it still do so, but when the player pulls out the terrain gun the Floodlight then tracks the cursor, lighting the spot where you are aiming at/digging.

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27 minutes ago, Slipsonic said:


Ah, I missed that suggestion. Though if you will be fair, he's describing the floodlight 'when mounted on player-occupied mining vehicle'; my suggestion was for this behaviour when on the backpack. Both our ideas have merit, in my opinion.

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