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Simply put, hoarding is just the best! It combines beauty with strength, savvy with an artistic flare, it is the AC to your DC! 

But sadly not everyone can be a hoarder. It takes skill, patience and most of all, a love of winning! 
You also must resist the urge to....start another game! There are no re-do's in hoarding! It is an all or nothing proposition! Time for you to buy a pair of big boy/girl pants and put them on for the first time if you want to be a hoarder!  
To be a proper hoarder you must accept the fact that all people, all departments at SES need to be represented in your hoarding efforts. You can't just hoard the fun stuff, the loud things, the moving items. No, no, no everything is beautiful in Astroneer! So you must honor those that put their effort, skill and time into creating. The way hoarders do this is to properly collecting and displaying ALL SES staff efforts. 

While doing all of the hoarding you are at the same time, playing and winning @Astroneer! You have achievements to unlock, bytes to gather, items to craft and places to explore. You are in essence playing two games at once. Not everyone can do that. It is a skill. The weak and meek need not apply. Just sayin 😀

Hoarding is; always keeping an eye towards the future. Looking at the Astroneer Road Map and preparing for the future or the potential future. It is positioning yourself to react to any changes SES introduces at a moments notice to save mankind and the universe! You are the galaxy's only hope! You are a.......Hoarder!

Now that I've gotten you all hyped to become a hoarder I'm sure you have questions. I know you are just so super excited to begin your hoarding life but you don't know where to begin. Well friends, here is where the free class begins! 
There are a few simple rules to becoming and then maintaining your hoardership. First, you must accept the fact that hoarding is winning! To be a hoarder means you are a winner. You must realize that many young people are going to look up to you. You need to set the proper example. You are going to be heading into a world of fame and notoriety. You are about to become an Elite Astroneer! You are about to become an idol to many and a icon to more. Be prepared. Your life is about to change! 

First, you must hate tethers! You must hate leaving them behind! Tethers cause lag. Lag in a hoarding game is worse than no biscotti with my coffee. Just pick them up, all the time. A super great tool to help with lag is the new Field Shelter. It has packaging capabilities which makes it very portable and provides both power and oxygen. Having a FS has the potential for you to use far less tethers in your hoarding lifestyle. Remember the Hoarder's Mantra "Retrieve don't Leave!"

Second, begin hoarding!

I can hear what you're thinking right now..."But The Great and Wonderful TOGG, what should I hoard?" Great question jerkface (Homer Simpson voice). 
First is PODCASTS! Research pods that is. Their big, beautiful and there are more than 70! They are unique to each planet and some are found in specific locations like; mountains, plains & caves. Collect them all! Additional points given to unique and beautiful ways to display your collection!
Second is (my favorite) those SMOKIN ORGANICS! Their intricate designs, unique shapes and variety make these not only fun to collect but also challenging due to their sheer numbers. I'm currently trying to fill about 50 large platform C's with unique seeds/research samples minerals/organics/unknowns. A Smokin Organic is any resource you collect after destroying a plant or any growing on plants.
Third is GAS-X! Bottle that stank up! Get yourself a large platform C with the extra large storage, put a light on top and fill 'em up! One gas per storage please! Bonus points for unique display methods.
Fourth is becoming a SPACE SANFORD by creating a junkyard! What are you to collect? Broken & New; seats, generators, wind turbines, solar panels, tires, vehicles & space pods. Not small debris. If it fits in your backpack, can be placed in a shuttle or packaged, you hoard it. You can use the new solar panels/generators/turbines they don't go into the junkyard. 
Fifth is SMELTER SKELTER! For all nine smeltable items you need the following: 1 Extra Large Platform C. 6 Large Storages. 12 Medium Storage Silo B's. 1 Smelter. Now fill those 12 Medium Storage Silo B's with one smeltable! Here is where the Skelter part takes place! Place the platforms in a sort of circle with the smelters all facing the center. Then, when you think you have enough power, when you think you've got enough juice, fire all 9 smelters up at once! Can you smelt all 2,592 resources continuously? Do you have the power? "By the power of GreyS".....Or are you going to fall victim to.......... SMELTER SKELTER!!!
Sixth is Y U TRIPPIN? You must collect 6 of each Geometric Triptych and place them onto the new Large Storage Ring. Extra points for unique display methods.
Seventh is BYTE ME! Gathering and then maintaining 1 Million Bytes in the Byte Bank is always a true, life-long, hoarders goal. One day SES may introduce a new item that needs a few hundred thousand bytes to unlock. If this happens, we, the hoarders, must be the first to unlock and post a pic of the new item(s). That my friends is a definition of winning! 

I think this is a good start for any newbie hoarder. It combines achieving achievements and progressing throughout the game while at the same time, ya know, hoarding! 

What say you?
Oh yeah, I'm only accepting positive responses so keep all that negativity for yourself. 
Hoarding is too the best, so shut up

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hey, I only just decided my favourite planet to live on, but there is some inderesting tasks to accomplish :)

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Wow, this is ambitious. I certainly don't plan on doing this anytime soon. Quick tip for the byte thing though, go to Glacio to get your items, bring lots of packagers and ammonium. place a large silo b on your rover, and go nuts.

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1 hour ago, Doge229 said:

Wow, this is ambitious. I certainly don't plan on doing this anytime soon. Quick tip for the byte thing though, go to Glacio to get your items, bring lots of packagers and ammonium. place a large silo b on your rover, and go nuts.

Nice tip thanks!

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