several bugs found, bad ones.

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1. The soil centrifuge stops working sporadically without being able to recover it. Have to make new one. This has happened on Glacio, Sylva thus far.

2. Jet pack set off by itself and was not able to turn off. This was the first time though. Had to exit game to recover it.

3.  Harvesting on a sloped surface STILL makes the resource disappear under the terrain. So I lose harvested resources.

4. Some parts of the terrain can not be removed. The color of the terrain is black. Yes, I have the right drill bits.

5. Sometimes the tethers drop on their sides when you place them.

6. Having a larger save file affects performance still. Especially when driving a rover. Frame rate drops.

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Now the soil centrifuge wont turn over the resource. It is inverted and will not turn right side up. This just happened. Also this happened. Power is going to centrifuge but it does not show it on the panel. Also the chamber is full



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