Slow Load Time on XBox One

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I am running Astroneer 1.4.15 on an XBox One, and I have noticed that Astroneer takes a lo-o-o-o-ong time to load at start up--on order of minutes. I could perhaps live with this, even though it is an interminable wait, watching the little planets circling the mini sun over and over, except for the fact that it appears that Astroneer takes many minutes to load the solar system, brings up the opening menu, where the user must select the game they wish to play, and then... sit through YET ANOTHER solar system load. 

I do not know what is going on in each of these stages of startup, but if they are both loading solar systems, couldn't the first load be eliminated, cutting load time in half? If the two phases are loading different things, then I'll live with it--although maybe a change of the system message would be in order--like "Initializing Astroneer" in the first case...

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Yeah, Astroneer does take a long time to load on my pc & on xbox. Is the wait like 3-5 minutes? If it's reasonably longer, you have a problem (that I don't know how to solve).

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