(for SES_Adam) A Dream Come True

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You probably know what this all about...

@SES_Adam has finally made the great decision to condescend himself to the status of forumgoer; to have a glimpse in to the life of the average person, the person that treadeth the weary road filled with bugs and glitches and who hath nothing to say of it but to grasp for the attention of the legendary ones, to grasp for their attention in the faulty places such as the discord server, the forum, or even the subreddit. This decision shall impact the lives of many, many individuals such as myself who seek attention, who seek a reason to be a forumgoer, who seek a reason, even, to be an Astroneer. This is why I am significantly pleased to report that, after time and time of great suffering, the developers hath relenteth their disregardence of their own forum and, whilst many other challenges are to arise, the Astroneer forumgoers now have a true reason, a true reason to be forumgoers. I also earn to thank @TMarcher74 , another pleased forumgoer like myself over the great decision, for creating "This post is for our dear dev SES Adam, this post contains posts which you have missed and have really good idea, suggestions", which contains many links to famous works of forumgoers, such as "Flora Idea""Ideas on storms and its effects(Also contains an idea on a new item)", and, most importantly, "Train concept (With 3D model concept)".

Thank you,



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