2 bugs found 1 vehicle 1structure

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So Ill start with the vehicle, 1 trailer starts to like drain my power energy withouth anything on it happened after i tryed to get the EXO packadges that spawns out in the open in the caves, and after that it littlry drained all i had, and the only thing i had on that trailer was 2 batteryes, the second is the soil centrifuger which has stopped completly i have power connected in it up to a lvl of 4 cuz thats around whats needed for it, also it has 8 slots open as storage, happened when i tryed to make som organic fuel or som of that and it complelty stopped working now and dosent seem to want to work anymore tryed restart the game and all dosent work a bit, so i hope you read this and replies and give an helping hand an so if not please fix this, its an great game and can becomes even greater, thanks for reading this if you did :)

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