Atmosphere won't render

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I'm on steam where I bought the most recent version. I started up the game and the atmosphere/space won't load. The planets will just fine, as will the clouds, but not the atmosphere or space in general.

I tried changing the settings in game, but haven't come up with any solutions.

Thank you!

no background with low settings.JPG

no background with ultra settings.JPG

no background.JPG

start screne astroneer issues.JPG

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Wow.  That's a new one.  Email a bug report to Support@SystemEra.net.  Include as much of the following as you can. 

  1. Your Save file, found here if you're on Steam: 
  2. Your specs, you can get these by pressing the Windows key and typing:  
    DxDiag + Enter, Click "Save All Information" and save and attach the .txt file to your email
  3. Information about your problem, be sure to include as much info as possible like
    1. Whether you're experiencing this on Steam, Xbox, or the Windows Store version
    2. Are you using a controller or keyboard and mouse
    3. What happened leading up to this issue
    4. The steps to reproduce the bug, if possible
  4. The images you've attached here, or a even just a link to this post.

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