Canisters Busted after Exploration update

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Recently System Era did an update to fix the storage silos, but it seems that a bug has been introduced as a result.

The centrifuge now will pull a full canister from storage if there is one available, even if the centrifuge is full. What this ultimately means is that using canisters for automation is even more difficult than before.

What I needed to do before is wait for the centrifuge to fill up from my canister storage unit, then when the 2nd one was filled and left on the centrifuge, i would move it manually to the storage and the centrifuge would be left with nothing in its slot. This meant that the canister storage was always full (even though it was a pain to move it every time) so that none of the resource that the centrifuge was making would go into it.

The way it's working now is that the canister is pulled and replaced with a full one regardless of how full the centrifuge is. This makes it so there is ALWAYS an empty spot in the canister storage unit. You can't even compensate for this by having one more canister than fits on the storage because then the machine wont swap one out because there isn't space for it.

Canister shuffling has been a big pain for a long time, and it's just gotten way worse. The only way to stop the canisters from getting mixed with the resources as it is now is to take the canister storage unit off FIRST (if you take it off the centrifuge it just replaces it instantly), put it on the ground next to the machine, and then put that loose canister on the storage and wait for the cycle to run, rinse repeat. Please, for the love of all that is holy, please fix this before next month's patch. This is literally game breaking for me to not be able to use my centrifuge without ripping my hair out.

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