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Mushroom trees gone black

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So, I was playing on Vesania to gain some color samples.

When I came back to Sylva to dig down and gain some sphalerite, I realized those mushroom trees growing on the floor has gone black. Literally all of them.

(those ones on the ceiling are just fine btw)


As I remember, these mushrooms were colored in purple.

I have no idea whether it is some kind of decaying system for organics or just another bug.

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The ol' uncolorinator bug... It still here!?

It aims to splash white on to anything in its grasp... The legendary developers had cut off its path...but returneth! Now seeking the great, yet helpless flora of the mushroom cave, where shall it strike next? Find out in this episode of.... THE EXO FILES

I don't really understand how it works but I think its interesting nonetheless!

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