KeyBindings changes vs (no) Funktionality


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This are points that i write since the CB/EA and till now here is nothing done!
I think so you can frustate PC-Player / non Gamepad-Player.

Meanwhile the development distinguished between
LeftShift & RightShift
LeftCtrl & RightCtrl
LeftAlt & ReigtAlt
LeftStrg & RStrg

But Astroneer considered onnly the LeftKey variants!(?)

So Player that play with the Curser Keys can´t use the Keys around that keys!

So i can´t use RShift for modifier to fast collect Items.
Also I cant Jump with Right Strg!
(But wen i´m running i can jump!)

There are some more cases, waht dosen´t work,
so please for all Players how rebinding her Keycontrols, check all Cases in your Code and fix it please!


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