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hello all :)

Been thinking on how current teleportation system works and I think there are ways to improve it. For me it feels priorities have to be different: first unlock the core - this will send activation signal to all surface nodes opening for them power sockets. Then, after supplying enough power surface node will activate a portal a la "Stargate" and a console which will allow to choose a destination from the list of already activated surface gateways. In order to select surface gateways on other planet we have to put that planetary stone from the core to the space station. This way we keep the activation chain, but avoid needless teleportation after "to the core/to the station/to the core/to the planet surface". Also the portal will allow not only walking through but also driving on a vehicle maybe?

Also atm all the destinations are called "bright node" - this makes serious confusion :) I always manage to go to Desolo instead of Novus and other way around. Maybe give them some class/number IDs at least?

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o! fresh update: after activation of the surface gateway astroneer can walk through it, but to send vehicle we would need certain level of power supply. This will motivate building of power stations at the rest of the planetary gateways, encourage the exploration.

Also, teleportation to the space station is only possible from the surface gateway and only after installing first planetary core stone there. And a core is only for activating surface nodes and generating planetary stones.

What do u think?

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