Large Rover Attachment Issue

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Please help! 

I built a large rover to make a mobile base, and attached medium storage, a winch, and an RTG to the front and back. When I logged out and logged back in a day later the attachment points on the front and back reversed so that items were inside the rover. Modules were functional and removable but this made the front and back useless. I had only just built my rover and now I can't use the front and back attachments. 



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What a strange bug.  You should email a bug report to  Include as much of the following as you can. 

  1. Your Save file, found here: 
  2. Your specs, you can get these by pressing the Windows key and typing:  
    DxDiag + Enter, save the .txt file somewhere you can find it
  3. A description of your issue(s)
  4. The images you've attached here, or a even just a link to this post.

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That happens to me, as well.  Every reload of the game my large rover train of four large rovers experience this.  Sometimes just getting near the rover causes them to correct themselves, but other times I have to take action.  Simply disconnecting and reconnecting any other rover in the train fixes it.

If it is the ONLY rover (as shown by the OP), bring another object with a cable connector on it over to the rover.  (Come over to rover, my rover red rover?)  You should be able to connect that object's cable to the rover and voila, they'll flip back out the right way.  Be prepared for the objects to be flung away.  Your mileage may vary.

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I think this is connected to the player's camera at the time the rover is spawned.

  1. Create a save where you look away from the rover
  2. Load the save and the sockets will be flipped


  1. Save the game while looking at the rover
  2. Load the game and the sockets are correct

I don't think it matters if the rovers are plugged into something or not. In the examples below the left rover is not attached to anything. The two on the right are connected to each other.


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