- Steam - softlocked play through soil centrifuge

Armin Tamzarian

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sorry to sound like grave news but as of  soil centrifuge's no longer work as they did prior and this has unfortunately killed my playthrough and enjoyment of the game at the peak of its heights. (pun if found unintended) 

the main issue here is the auto deposit from inventory to centrifuge now needs to be manual. before exploration update the SC took its soil and held its container on its own making large and small scale deposits  workable with ease however now the SC require nearly full manual dexterous since it now does not start auto depositing and takes already full canisters in place of empty ones which clog the reclaiming process of items having the user search for the missing canister on the receiving end with some nodes being hidden when using endgame storage solutions.

why is this an issue:

1. as far as functional wise it is a unneeded regression in efficiency  to how the SC system used to work it prior allowed the user to operate it efficiently and from my own work with it maximize and expand on it with large scale incentive. 

2. my current project is the harvest of a whole planet;  the SC is one of the key elements to this process and experimentation as not only did it provide fuel and resource for the expanding operations but gave a satisfying sense of closing impact to what we where doing.


how can we fix ?  my solution is to have it work prior to exploration but have the SC  put back the canister to where it was as priority 1 to stay with the rest of them

Q: is this an intentional design? will it ever be fixed?

tips for those that might try:     limit research items to endgame items only essential to the project to maximize item selection efficiency.

the large shredder on a slop and single platform that can hold it drops scrap in a "neat" pile for pick up

3 SC on the 2iron 2steal platform makes a great processing plant that can work with storage 4 working silos to draw from  for full harvesting playthrough.

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in the end all i need is for the SC to keep or immediately put back the canisters (automatically)  to where they were for things to be back to normal or better

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