My friend can no longer load savegame after Lunar update.

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He has Windows 10 x64, Acer Predator Helios 300 which has 8gb RAM and HDD.

I tried loading and re-saving his savegame and succeeded, but the problem persists. I have 16Gb RAM and SSD by the way.

Specifically the game occupies over 6.5 GB of ram during loading falling back to 3 in game. Or maybe it's the attempt to read from HDD at 75 MB/s that's causing IO waits. Not sure. Savegame with like 80 hours of gameplay attached. And no, we don't have any super vast networks of tethers or power. Only marginally big ones (surface to core or pole to pole on moons).

VOVA CURRRENT$2019.09.05-12.42.44.savegame

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I restarted the process a couple of times while saving on different planets and not much changed. Loading gets stuck at ~30%, RAM and CPU usages skyrocket (while Disk stays low) and then loading ends abruptly.

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