Electric jump "jets" - Rechargeable turbines that are heavy on energy

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We are getting a Jump Jet as well as a Hydrazine Jetpack in the Explorer Update, but I feel like the constant drain of resources for ease of travel feels a bit too much work. An electric jump"jet" would fill this niche quite nicely. I propose these mechanics for balancing:

-Only flies when 2 packs are attached on widget slots, if only one is attached it only slows your fall to balance against Hydrazine Jetpacks

-Uses 1.5U/s for each & 3U/s for both when flying, has an internal energy capacity of 3U , only uses energy from the internal capacity and recharges from backpack battery or small batteries or widgets, capacitor only recharges at 1U/s for each and 2U/s for both when not in use and capacitor only supplies to jump"jet"

-2s + 2s + ⅔s of flight time on full capacitors and backpack battery, recharge of both takes 8s + 6s with tethers

-Crafted using a Titanium Alloy, like the Hydrazine Jetpack

-15000 Bytes to make the player decide between one that consumes resources and a weaker one that runs on energy


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+1, I hate the fact that the new jetpacks run on hydrazine, electric one would be nice since they are rechargeable ,oh wait, maybe we can get a chargeable jetpacks.

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