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I will list my bug history, but i must say first of all, I love this game.

In multiplayer experience:

1- Only the host can see upgrades titles after research facility makes a research.

2- Only the host can see beacons from the shuttle while in space.

3- When exploring near the host of the game, if he quits a vehicle my vehicle stop working, like if he thinks that i quit too.

4- Several times exploring even on flat terrain , the car drops you out automatically and  then the rover take off and goes like crazy stopping  in mid air, and you have to make a mountain trying to get it back, so it fall down.

5- When I die been the guest in multiplayer game, my pod landed every time in the nearest cave down of the main base.

6- While being the guest when a storm kills me near a base the game bugs and even I am alive, it shows me on the floor like I am still dead, and the screen all RED, like if the rocks are still hitting me.

7-When die in single player I don’t lose everything that is in my bag pack, things like the battery or solar panels in the auxiliary cells still remains when respawn.

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