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Maybe a long-term feature, but add food need would give much more sense to the flora and unlock new buildings like hydroponic farms or a structure to convert organics in edible food. :)

About the GUI, instead a visible element you could use the same method used by Iosku with his mod iNeed for skyrim, where you ear the  stomach grumbling When the character is hungry ;)

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its both a good and bad idea.

while its also planned

how well it would be or how it will make the exploration part better could depend on how they implement things.

Things about it that it should NOT do is:

  • Hinder the exploration.
  • Keep you stuck.
  • Being a mess to deal with both hunger and food related items and storage of these things.
  • Thirst and how its used.
  • How fast/slow you will become hungry/thirsty (might be some diffeculty involved)
  • How much is ediable and what can you drink?

Also it would take quite the time to develop or create these things to vary things up.
But I guess one could take a simple way of using fuel, that you use another "gun/vacuum" to put it into a container like the fuel (is green color).

each would have their own number/name/values so when you try to research and find a way to clear that substance into a food source and with its effects

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