How to make a Dedicated Power Supply Kit?

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Me too.
But one important factor about the DPS Kit, is that you can make it earlier in the game. Not the beginning, but much earlier than the point where you are making RTGs. 

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one medium silo with 24 small batteries will open most gateways. 6 more either on another silo will open the rest. Making silos isn't early game either. Whether it is a large or medium you need ores that come from off planet. 

However, kudos for making content! Any and all ideas appreciated. I have always undervalued medium generators.

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For someone that it's ok only Activating the Gateways and prefers to do it earlier in the game, your idea is the way to go. There are fewer things to build, which means fewer planets to go to.
For starters, there is no Atmosphere Condenser to build, neither the Chemistry Lab. 
And to make the Small Battery you only need one resource: Lithium.
To make the Medium Storage Silo (smallest silo) you need Titanite. Which is conveniently found on the same planet where you will find Lithium: Vesania.

Thank you for sharing Wary Explorer, it's good to know.

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