Connection of two habitat bases!

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Hello! This is the first post on the forum for me and I would like to say that this seems to be a great community! This game has a huge future and I can't wait to see it progress! 

I had a couple ideas for what I think could be featured in some way in the game!

Connection of habitats! 

I would love to see this because we would be able to spread conduits to our main habitat from side habitats such as an energy producing or storage producing habitats!

Tell me what you guys would think of this.

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9 hours ago, mobman said:

you can already make multple habitats and do what you wish with them.


Yes I addressed that but I am wondering if it would be possible to connect two habitats with an extremely large cable, one that looks like the charge cable for the rover!

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You can 'technically' attach them together already. Just put a rover in-between the connections, and use it to link them. That being said, it would be neat to connect very distant habitats together with a large cable. Similar to those undersea cables to transfer power and data.

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