So tired of resources vanishing!

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How has this still not been fixed?!?

There was a huge deposit of titanite I was working on collecting when I stumbled upon an even larger deposit of aluminum. After I collected all the titanite I saved the game as I had to go to work. I load up the save when I get home and all the aluminum is gone, probably around 20-25 stacks from the size of the deposit. There is clearly a serious bug with saving the spawns of resources and this has been going on for a long period of time apparently. Why is this not fixed??? Even worse was about a month ago I lost an entire cavern of lithium it was seriously the motherload easily around 40-50 stacks. Similar situation I went back to the surface to get a rover with storage. I go back to the location to which I placed a beacon and all the lithium had despawned.

This should be a top priority to get this fixed seriously!

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