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Finding the Lunar Module

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A lot of the discussion iis buried in the Lunar Update thread but I'm separating this out to help others find the Lunar Module.

Here is how I found it on Desolo, the moon of your starting planet Sylva.

  • Launch in orbit around Desolo.
  • Wait for daylight if it isn't already
  • Start looking at the debri on the planet
  • The Lunar Module will have a bronze base with a white top.

It is very small but can be distinguished from other debri. I floated around Desolo for several minutes until I could pick out what "might be" the module.

I have some pictures that I took:

First picture look down from the three white fireworks balls and to the left. The debri there is the module.

Second picture is a better look at the module. Above and to the left of the landing area.

Third picture is what it looks like in the dark. This picture is misleading. What light you see coming off the lunar module was only there a second or two. I really could not pick it out of the landscape until I saw it in the daylight. I'm fairly certain the light you see was just the reflection of the sun there.

My suggestion is to float around the moon long enough to figure out some likely targets and then check them out. I tried driving around the moon for 40 minutes and never found it...and ti was very close to my base.





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Just to clarify, you can see the model of the LEM from space, but only after you have approached it and it loads in.  Before you approach it and cause it to load you will only be able to see the light it emits.  This is because the game applies a different logic to lights than it does to objects.  This picture shows the LEM lights, but with no LEM visible yet.  The Module might appear inside of one of the landing bubbles, which might obscure the light some, but it should still be faintly visible, so look close, and good luck everyone!!


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