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Terrain gun of crashed player still harvesting resources

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I was hosting a game on Steam. Game version is My friend joined the world through Steam matchmaking but had problems with lag (probably due to limited bandwidth at my location or the high ping between us) and he crashed or de-synced several times.


At one point when he crashed he was gathering compound from one of the renewable stacks. Even after he had shut down his game client, restarted it, and rejoined, every time I passed that location his terrain gun was visible in the world and still making gathering noises. I think, but I'm not sure, that it was also preventing the renewable resource from building up to its normal full stock level as well. 

Here is a pic of the terrain gun in gathering mode. I've also attached the save file if that's helpful in reproducing the bug, and there is another pic of my location with the compass relative to my main base in case the save doesn't re-load at the truck. 



AUTOSAVE_2_2016.12.26-17.40.39 - Bugged harvesting.sav

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