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Dear SES Art Department,

Thank you for your many recent upgrades to; plants, seeds, organics, research pods, research samples etc. 
I am an avid collector of your works! As a matter of fact I have an Extra Large Storage (with a light on top) for each one of your works that I can find. Currently I have 44 extra large storages. Not all are equipped with the requisite 30 samples to fill each storage but I'm happily working on it!

Would there be a way for ya'll to produce a catalog with an up to date inventory of all your works?
A pic of each one would be awesome!
What planet they are located would be great!
If they have names or some other type of (in house) identification? 
The byte totals would be nice but not a priority for me but maybe for someone else
Any other information would be nice as well; a brief history, the inspiration etc.

If you are looking for suggestions: Luminescents that are in nature today to be somehow incorporated would be groovy. Maybe color change with the day/night cycle? 
Maybe much like resources, there could be plant crafting? If I add a seed of this plant to a research mineral of that plant with X gas, I end up with a ______? 
Maybe EXO Dynamics would want some of those sample plants for research testing? 

Anyway, I love your works! 


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System Era doesn't read a thing outta this forum...but I'm all for catalogs!

As far as new art (research samples, research pods, resources, flora, ?fauna?), I would come up with a model or idea first then post about it... I LOVE posts that contain ideas...especially for new items... I have made many myself. Here is one containing a new flora, seed, and research pod...and it's LUMINESCENT!!! I think you'll like it...


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On 7/30/2019 at 10:46 AM, TMarcher74 said:

I would love this!! But I don't think they read this :( 

Yeah, I know they don't read this forum. 😉

So I figured why not post where the newly hired people will never read it!?!?!? You know, the company's own forum. I just wanted to accentuate how ludicrous SES's forum policy is.

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